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Artist Statement

I am an artist, teacher and writer living in Hoboken, NJ, and teaching at Rutgers University. I exhibit regularly with Viridian Artists and Ceres galleries in New York City and with hob'art, an arts cooperative based in Hoboken. My artwork explores line and color non-figuratively in abstract compositions, and I draw inspiration from nature, landscape and still life, as well as the human figure.

The work shown here includes encaustics, monotypes and soft pastel drawings. The series of pastel paintings, executed on multimedia paper, explores the use of the human figure as the basis of layered work. It incorporates reverse drawing (also called transfer drawing), a technique often used by Paul Klee. The transfer work in water-based printing ink gives a soft, rich and varied line. I like the freedom and immediacy of drawing, its relation to handwriting, and the endless possibilities of color that soft pastels offer the artist. The rapidity of the drawing process enables me to express a wide range of moods.

Monotype is a technique used to create a single picture by transferring to paper an image that is painted on a metal plate. I work in oils on Arches and Pescia rag papers and vellum, and I also use my own handmade papers as plates. An etching press makes the transfer. The result is a print with painterly textures and surface effects that cannot be obtained by working directly on paper. Some of the prints are further developed with oils, oil pastels, and colored pencils. Monotype offers a unique opportunity to capture the gesture of drawing in an oil painting.

Encaustics, an old Roman technique of painting with colored wax that has been heated to melting point, lends itself to incorporating fabrics and found objects. The surface is naturally waterproof and does not require a glass cover, but it should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from radiators!

I studied art at the Art Students League in New York, starting in Saturday classes for children and continuing, after majoring in studio art at Oberlin College, to train in workshops at Pratt, the Printmaking Council of NJ, the Rutgers Center for Innovative Printmaking, the CT Center for Graphic Arts, and elsewhere. I have been drawing from life since the age of ten, and the work shown here reflects my interest in body movement and dance theater, particularly the performance of Alwin Nikolais.